1. In-country presence

    Over the years we have encountered many a travel agent that say they are Japan experts, but in the end, all details are left to an in-country agent (a so-called DMC). We are fortunate to be based in Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan. Being located in the middle of Japan, the city is a convenient hub that allows easy access to all corners of the country. And we love to explore; by traveling as frequent as we do, we are able to regularly update our knowledge, come up with fresh and innovative ideas, and foster new relationships. In a trust-based society like Japan—where rules are rules and you simply cannot pay your way through every door—having close and personal relationships is a game changer.

    Japan is also known for its lack of information in English. Living here and speaking the language allows us to reveal those hidden secrets (such as festivals, events, and unique individuals) that are simply not found in other languages than Japanese.

  2. Exceptional personal care

    MIWA consists of only two people: Aiko and Chris, that’s it. By being such a tiny team, we are not in the position to accept many travelers at the same time, and frankly, we do not wish to either! By keeping MIWA small, we aim to provide a warm and personal connection with both clients and suppliers.

  3. A well-balanced itinerary

    When crafting an itinerary we begin from scratch. Think of the initial process as taking measurements for your new suit. Before designing a tailor-made trip for you, we need to know who you and your travel companions are. We seek an understanding of what you like (or dislike), your expectations, your interests and passions, your traveling style, and your previous travel experiences. Based on this information, we will use our knowledge and network to craft a fantastic trip, full of originality, just for you. Our itineraries are however not packed; traveling a lot by ourselves, we understand the importance of harmony between sightseeing, experiences, and relaxation.

  4. “Lost time is never found again.”

    Who wants to carry around a clunky paper itinerary while on holiday? At MIWA we decided to digitalize our itineraries. Through a handy and organized mobile app, you will have access to all the information you need. From travel tips to confirmations, contact numbers, maps, and even a chat for easy communication. Changes to the itinerary? No problem, your itinerary will be updated in real time. No more searching through emails for that static and outdated Word document! (PDF for printing is also available through the app).

  5. Responsible travel and interactive experiences

    Our trips are designed to leave a positive imprint on the culture and communities we visit. With a decreasing population and young people flocking to the cities, Japan´s traditional culture (typically found in the countryside) is slowly dying out. Despite this, talented craftspeople, artists, farmers, and inspiring locals across Japan passionately strive to preserve the traditions and crafts handed down from their ancestors. We find these talented individuals and connect them with you. Instead of just being a spectator, you will be invited to take an active role throughout our trips. Not only does this make for a more enjoyable and educational time spent, it also plays an important role in raising awareness of all the wonderful culture Japan has to offer.